I am a historian at Williams College in western Massachusetts. I use my scholarship and teaching to build stronger understandings of Indigenous peoples--past and present--and the complex relationships they have developed with place, heritage, and colonization.  I explore the stories diverse communities tell about history, and how accountings of the past can assist us in creating more just and sustainable futures for humans and the earth. I live and work in the Native Northeast/New England.  I am committed to highlighting new approaches to this region as well as its far-reaching connections to North American and global communities.

My book Memory Lands, published by Yale University Press (Jan. 2018), has been awarded the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians 2019 book award, the Peter J. Gomes Memorial Book Prize from the Massachusetts Historical Society, and Honorable Mention for the National Council on Public History 2019 book award. It will be released in paperback in November 2019.

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Top image: Trustom Pond by Narragansett Bay and Long Island Sound.  Photograph by Christine DeLucia.